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*As with any cosmetic products, although all of our products are sourced professionally from within the UK and are water based (hyper-allergenic), face paint may cause a skin reaction in a small number of people. In such cases the paint should be removed with soap and warm water as soon as possible. If concern remains over sensitivity, please request a skin patch test prior to painting. Pixies Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos will not be held liable for possible allergic reactions.

*All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout their face painting experience. The safety of each child is full responsibility of the parent/guardian so please ensure the child is supervised at all times/

*We reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone showing rude or aggressive behaviour. If a child cannot keep still long enough to have their face painted, we can paint arms, legs etc, please ask. We will NOT paint a child who does not want to be painted, shows any sign of distress or is asleep, regardless of their guardian’s wishes.

*We are not able to paint on broken skin i.e. cold sores, chicken pox, eczema, cuts and sores as well as children with a heavy cold and runny nose, conjunctivitis and various other complaints/infections. In some cases we may be able to paint a small picture on an unaffected area (for example cheeks, arms etc.) Please ask to clarify if you are unsure.

*We have to insist that our products are not touched by the public in order that we can ensure that our health and hygiene standards are maintained.

*Please remove any ‘debris’ from the child’s face prior to being painted.

*Our brushes are rinsed well and the water is changed frequently. We only use one sponge per child.

*Glitter Tattoos; these cannot be applied to anyone with an allergy to elastoplasts/plasters. Glitter Tattoos can be removed with Baby/Olive oil on a cotton wool, worked in a gentle circular motion. Glitter Tattoos can last up to 5 days, please see your Glitter Tattoo Care Card.

*Removal of Face Paint; this is best done with soap and warm water. Some colours may take a couple of washes to disappear completely. We will not be held liable for any damage caused to any person, clothing or their property due to staining. Most stains can be removed by soaking in a stain removal solution before a normal wash.

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Painting Happy Faces